Thursday 28 October 2021

Email Aliases with Gmail and

Email, again.


You have a registration form that requires an email field, but you are afraid that your email will receive spam later. This happened to me before, by registering a Zoom account for online courses and receiving tons of spam emails (Dr W. class for your future prodigy child, How To Start Business and Gain Thousands of Customers, ..).

And of course, cannot using a 10-minute email since I'll return back some more times in the future. But I strongly recommend you to use a 10-minute email when you want a one-time account.

In this post, I'll share some of my experiences using email aliases, with some common services.

Creating Email Alias with Gmail.

1. Adding +(something)

Let's say your email is doe (at) Gmail will redirect emails from doe+(something) (at) to doe (at) I learned this trick back in 2016 when registering my first vOz accounts. 

2. Adding dots

Continue assuming your email is doe (at) Gmail will (still) redirect emails sent from these addresses:

  • d.o.e (at)
  • do.e (at)
  • d.oe (at)

This is, however, is mentioned in Gmail's policy. Check it out here.

Creating email alias with /

By having a account, you can create an anonymizer email address and using it as a real account. account registration tutorial can be found on YouTube.

Important notice: you must verify your phone to create email aliases.

Here's how to create a new anonymizer address:

1. Log into your account, then go to this link:

2. Click Add anonymous address

3. Change the randomly generated alias to your chosen alias name, choose a folder to store and adding comments. Finally, type the verification code and hit Create.

Important: This also means that your newly-created alias will operate as an independent email address. You can't log in with this address (aka you must use your primary email for login credentials), but can send and receive email as normal.

And that's done! Try trading some emails to test if it's working properly. For details, see this topic.

When I'm writing this post, the maximum aliases a account can create is no limit.


Now that's how I handle email aliases problem (with common services). Hope you find this post useful, and happy coding!

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