Verify my personal signature

I'm having a GPG key!

Adding my key

Follow this link to download the public.gpg - my personal public gpg key. Then, using gpg client to install:

gpg --import public.gpg

Check if my key is on your known list:

gpg --list-keys

Trusting my key

Follow the guide here. Normally you would trust me by 4, 5, or 6.

Verify a document signed by me

A document is provided with the pdf version and a .pdf.sig file. You can verify if that document is published by me using gpg. For example, you have a resume.pdf file and a resume.pdf.sig signature file, hence the command to verify the signature is:

gpg --verify resume.pdf resume.pdf.sig

If the signature is valid, you'd see a message saying that my signature is valid:

Hope this help!


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